The Paragon

This very unusual 7-sided diamond is known as the Paragon, and weighs 137.82 carats. The Graff Diamond Co. of London cut the gem, and is its current owner. The necklace has a diamond carat weight of 190.27 carats, and separates to both necklace and bracelet lengths. The piece features Fancy Intense blue, yellow and pink diamonds along with the Paragon Diamond, a 137.82-carat D-color Flawless diamond, evolved unmistakably into Graff's creation for the Millennium. If you know more about it, email me and I'll credit you. :)

Graff was running this ad around Christmas
of 1999. With a hand in the photo for scale,
it gives you a good idea how large the stone is.

The Paragon Diamond, set in a necklace with round brilliants. I don't know if this is the necklace the Paragon is presently set in -- the stone could have been inserted into the photo with a computer to look like its attached to the necklace. I wish I knew which stone that pink diamond in the ring is. Looks around 25 carats or so. The yellow diamond in the bracelet is interesting as well.