The President Vargas

Harry Winston bought the president Vargas diamond in 1938 a year after its discovery in the San Antonio River in Minas Gerais Brazil. It weighed 726.60 carats and named for Getulio Vargas who was then the president of Brazil. Winston cut it into several gems in 1942, the largest retained the formal title of President Vargas, it was a 48.26-carat emerald cut which he sold in 1944 to Mrs. Robert Windfohr. Winston bought it back in 1958 and recut it to a flawless 44.17-carat stone which he sold in 1961 to an undisclosed buyer. It is apparently still in this private collection.

Sotheby's has auctioned a few of the smaller diamonds cut from the crystal: The Vargas IV, in April 1989. It appeared at Sotheby's again in October 1997, having been recut from 28.03 carats earlier that year, now weighing 27.33-carats, G color, Internally Flawless clarity. It finally appeared at Christie's auction house on May 19th, 2005 at their Hotel Richemond, Geneva location where it sold for 1,140,000 Swiss francs ($938,014 US). The Vargas VI appeared at auction in October 1992. Sources: Famous Diamonds by Ian Balfour, Diamonds - Famous, Notable and Unique by Lawrence Copeland of GIA, and DeeDee Cunningham BA, FCGmA, FGA, DGA.